School of rock

Posted by Quaver1969

Hey! I was looking for a videoclip I saw years ago whose title I don’t know and I’ve found this one. It’s not the clip I was looking for but it’s funny.

The lyrics here.

Anyway, I’ll tell you what I was looking for.
It’s a clip of people in a classroom where they are taught how to rock and roll, I saw it once. It’s not Ramones “High school of rock and roll”. It is funny they are trying to teach posh people to become rockers. If you have seen it tell me the title. Please!


2 thoughts on “School of rock

  1. Nice video, the song it´s pretty cool 🙂

    In muy oppinion Jack Black is an excellent actor, he sure knows how to make people laugh with his funny faces, and the way he moves is hilarious XD

  2. About the video you are searching for…I have no idea, sorry, it´s the first time I heard about it 😦

    PS: Mistake! “The song IS pretty cool” :$

    And it´s not “muy” of course, mi finger slipped on the keyboard XD

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