Advice column: I fancy my workmate

200px-featherI’m writing to you because I’d like to know your opinion about my personal situation at work at the moment.
I’ve been working very closely with a married woman in her forties for a while now. For the last three months I’ve had the time of my life.
I’m so worried because I’m married too but I really fancy her. I am not sure about her feelings about me and I guess this situation wouldn’t go down too well in our lives in the case that we started a relationship. At the same time I believe it might be worth a try if both of us feel the same.
Could you tell me how to tackle it?


3 thoughts on “Advice column: I fancy my workmate

  1. You can run away, look for another job and give up, or you can take the risk and let her know about your feelings.
    However, if you tell her you may discover that she doesn’t feel the same and she could react trying to hurt your feelings, your situation at work and even your marriage and that would be a complete disaster.
    What you should do is think if it’s worth a try. Maybe she fancies you too. And that would be great.

  2. The only point to consider in this troublesome situation is “Do you really love your current wife?”

    What you have to do depends on the answer to that question, simple as that 😉

    PS: To my mind people should get married only when both members know FOR SURE that is what they want. This rarely happens, though 😦

  3. Dear friend!
    First of all you should know how her feelings are. You don’t say anything about it. I suspect that you didn’t bother to find out what she is thinking about all that.
    Secondly I think you should analyze more deeply your own feelings. It seems to be more an infatuation more suitable from teenagers than adult people in their forties. It is my opinion that you are behaving in a childish way.
    Finally your doubt about things turn out well proves your lack of irresponsibility.
    To sum up though over your possibilities before to break two couples.

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