Advice Column: The betrayal

200px-featherI´m a 39 year old independent business woman.
My nightmare started when my best friend introduced me to her husband. I knew it was a big betrayal, but I couldn´t help falling in love with him, and so did he.
He promised me that he would leave her “at the appropiate moment”, but it was 6 years ago and even during that period, they have had a child.
He is telling me that he doesn’t leave her because of her fortune.
I think there’s no point in waiting any longer, but every time I have tried to split up, I have failed.
I desperately need help. This is why I am writing to you. You are my last hope.
I´m losing my patience.

8 thoughts on “Advice Column: The betrayal

  1. In my opinion you should put some distance between you and your friends. You are not satisfied with things as they are. That’s why I think it would be better for you to split up that relationship. Or else you’ll have to accept it as it is because there’s a big chance that it won’t change in the future.

  2. If he hasn’t left her wife after six years and even they’ve had a baby, sorry to tell you this but, I think he won’t leave her.
    You are only 39 and you’ve got plenty of wonderful oportunities in life to meet new people and who knows, to find a man who really deserves you.

    Courage! You must put a stop to that relationship.


  3. Oh my dear friend! You would better leave him and look for another man. Anyway you are not going to receive a €. All his “forture” is for his chidren.
    If you wait a few years more, you will pass the rest of your life alone, because you will be very old to form a new family.



  4. If I were on your shoes I would split up with him and try to find another man. This man is just playing with your heart ,maybe he loves you but it’s clear that he is too coward to divorce from his wife and he’ll never do that.
    Another point is that both, your lover and you, are doing something horrible. You’re betraying your friend and what you’re doing now can hurt her and her children, who are totally innocent.

  5. You’re “the other woman”. Where on earth is your pride? This man has put you last in his life. He’s clearly not interested in you, so my opinion is that you must face facts and break up the relationship. Find a better life with a boy who respects you. You deserve someone better!

  6. He is not for you, I´m absolutely sure about it…I mean, first he tells you that he is going to leave his wife for you (which is a bad thing) and six years later changes his mind and decides to remain with is current wife for her fortune… sounds like a bastard if you ask me 😦

    I think that the best thing to do is to tell everything to her wife. Is your friend after all!

  7. To me it is clear that there is no point in going ahead with this aching love. You are almost in your fourties and time goes by, this is why the best thing to do is taking a final decision and splitting up with no turn back, so you can continue with your life and find a healthier relationship.

  8. I think that you should end the relationship.
    He doesn’t want to leave her wife and 6 years is enough for your patience.
    Leave him! You can meet new people and, maybe, find a better boyfriend.

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