A funny video: Mr Bean in the toilet

Posted by mrosarioa
This is a funny sketch by Mr Bean who is a famous humorist and comedian. He is like a boy caught in an adult body that always represents silly moments that everybody lives throughout their lives.

In this fragment he finds himself in a funny situation that is usual for him, his humor with a great load of original an eccentric solutions for his problems.

Although sometimes he borders the absurd stupidity, in other occasions he has a mixture of elegancy and cynicism ingeniousity, an mischief that makes us laugh to tears.

While I was watching this sketch I thought about the many times when we misunderstand others and we judge them before we know the facts.


One thought on “A funny video: Mr Bean in the toilet

  1. Oh my God!! I love this film! I think it´s the fanniest film I,ve ever seen!! It reminds me warm Sunday´s afternoons with my family.

    Thank you for the sketch 🙂


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