‘The Candidate’: A picture of American political campaigns?

Posted by María Valdés

In the film “The Candidate” (1972), Robert Redford personified a new way of approaching a political campaign, which seems to predict  what the new USA president-elect Barak Obama managed to do in the recent 2008 elections.

As the NY Times film critic A.O. Scott says, the film reflects the “obsession with the internet of politics” and the “emergence of political consultants as a media celebrity”. This is a tendency  which seems to be present in the current state of politics not just in the USA.

However, the picture that reminded me of president-elect Obama was the scene when Robert Redford’s character has just won the election and is sitting in a room, with enthusiastic voters waiting for him to make an appearance. His political consultant is euphoric. But the senator-elect, looking far from happy, asks him: “What do we do now?”.

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2 thoughts on “‘The Candidate’: A picture of American political campaigns?

  1. Hello.
    I’m not very keen on politics.
    In my opinion there is a lot of corruption and hypocresy all around it. And those are things I find very hard to stand. Maybe there are quite a few things that could be made about it, but no one does.
    On the first place people should be educated strongly about politics, but I think governments don’t want people to be very clever, because the more ignorant you are, the more easy to handle.
    Secondly something should be made on the transparency of how money gathered by taxes is spent. I mean what for, how much, where and how it is spent, cent by cent.
    And finally the time a politician or group of politicians stay with the power in their hands should have a fixed maximum duration.
    Well, I believe that would help.
    Anyway, here you are a short scene of a movie that explains a lot of things about politics:


    It is subtitled to make things a bit easier.


  2. I haven´t seen that film but I suppose I will.
    “What do we do now?” It´s a good question! That means the president has no idea of what´s doing. That explains the behaviour of some politicians.
    May be it´s a very appropiate question for our politicians. Neither ZP nor Rajoy seems to know how to cope with all the problems our country is involved in.
    In my opinion, politics is not what it should be, and of course it´s not what it was years ago. There is a constantly verbal clash between political parties which demonstrates the real interest of our current politicians: to gain votes and to obtain the power! As simply as that!

    I would like to have a president to trust on, but I´m afraid all the promises the different candidates make, fade away, so, what are we (the citizens) , supposed to do?. Of course, to vote, but, who for? And what´s more important, what for?


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