Funny video: Roxbury guys

Posted by monicafu

This is one of the funniest sketches I’ve ever seen.

It’s from a TV show called ‘Saturday Night Live’ (info), and it brought to fame actors such as Jim Carrey (who acts in this video), Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller and many more.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

You can also watch it with this link

3 thoughts on “Funny video: Roxbury guys

  1. As you know, not everyone have the same sense of humour. Although I like Jim Carrey, honestly, I don´t think this video is funny. But it´s only my opinion.


  2. I´ve seen this video lots of times since I first watched it, so many years ago 😀

    It has some funny situations, and the theme “What is love?” is absolutely moving. Jim Carrey is the best of the three, the others just don´t know how to be funny only with their bodies and movements XD

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