Advice column: Only friends

200px-featherDear friends,
I am writing to you because I have a really serious problem, and I do not know how to tackle it.
Two weeks ago, I split up with my boyfriend and my best friend has helped me a lot. Last night, when we were chatting, things got out of control and we ended up sleeping together.
After that, we talked about it and we decided it did not mean anything. However, he has changed his mind and now he thinks I have taken advantage of him.
I miss him a lot, but anly as a friend. What can I do?


3 thoughts on “Advice column: Only friends

  1. The best thing to do would be to phone him and talk to him about the situation. And if he doesn´t want to talk to you, I would go to his house and wait for him because if you were best friends, I suppose that you´ll know his timetable.
    He needs to fell that you don´t regret doing that during night and if I were you I would say to him that both (you and him), mixed up your emotions because you love each other so much, but not like a couple, only as friends.
    I think that if he has affection of you, he would see reason.
    I hope that you´ll get it!!

  2. If he is your real friend, he should understand your situation. I think the problem is that he is a friend for you but you are not only a friend for him. What´s more, I think it was him who has taken advantage of you.
    My advice is talking clearly about your feelings and if he had fallen in love with you, perhaps you should be less colser friends for a time

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