Comment about an advertisement

Posted by monicafu

The ad I loved the most was that one about condoms.

(You can watch the ad with this link or clicking on the picture)


I had watched it years ago and it always made me laugh out loud. You can’t expect what is going to happen the next morning. Who hadn’t imagined the boy liked to be a girl and his father was worried because he didn’t play with proper toys for boys?

Next morning you can see the intentions of the boy and the man: the kid just played with dolls because he dreamed he had two girlfriends and his father wanted him to play with dolls looked like Action-Man figures because he liked boys.

Just simply funny to death… In addition, the music catches the humour perfectly, bringing the last laugh to the viewer.

To conclude, this ad gives us an unexpected good and deep idea: use condoms no matter how you’re going to use them because it doesn’t matter how you are or what you like.


2 thoughts on “Comment about an advertisement

  1. In general, I found the ads I have watched very funny but what I found the funniest is the Tulipan condoms one. The kind of humour used in it is unexpected and I don’t think it could be controversial or offensive. Actually, this adverstisement ahows a reality that is present in the society nowadays.

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