The Funniest Video: “Young Frankenstein”

Posted by C.

This is a short fragment of a movie I saw in the cinema many years ago.
I think this movie, “Young Frankenstein”, is very funny.
There are many cuts of it in youtube, but I recommend you all strongly to see the whole movie.
I have it in Italian, English and Spanish, and I watch it from time to time to have a good laugh.
There are many other humourous movies I can recommend you.
Comedies is what I find most interesting to see in a cinema, because I think it is much more difficult to make people laugh than cry.
Life can be so tragic sometimes…
However, if you want to cry, I’ll recommend you all some tragic movies.
I like them too, because they can also be awfully good and interesting.
Anyway, the task was to post something funny in English.
And I believe this scene is funny.

One thought on “The Funniest Video: “Young Frankenstein”

  1. Hi Cristina, I couldn’t hear/watch your video yet because I don’t have speakers here, but I’m really interested in hear your recommendations
    about this kind of humourous movies

    thanksss 🙂

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