Song Contest entry by Cristina Aguilera

Posted by Olaya González Leivas

The title of the song is “Oh Mother” and it´s from Christina Aguilera, who is my favourite singer.
I like almost all the song by her, but I have chosen this song because it has a message that it´s very popular and important nowadays between the society, the politics, etc.
This message is about the gender violence and it´s important because every year more women are killed by their husbands or boyfriends.
The song is written by Christina Aguilera and it´s dedicated to her mother, because when she was younger and Christina and her brothers and sisters were younger, her father hit them. Christina´s mother is now divorced of her husband and the song tells about how she had to leave home with her daughters and sons when Christina´s father, an army soldier, started to hit his own children.
This song was the last single of the Christina´s album “Back to Basics” and it has the purpose of saying thanks to her mother because of her behavior and to support her mother because Christina and his siblings grew up because of her strength.
This song could be a kind of support the rest of the women that are hitten in our society nowadays.

If you cannot see the video, click here.

Oh-mother lyrics

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