Song Contest entries by Social Distortion

Posted by Rocío García García

I would like to share with all of you two of my favourite songs.I could not choose one of them because of its diferent styles. Both are played by Social Distortion, an old American band. “Winners and Losers” is your song if you feel cross, sad, …, whereas “Reach for the sky” is appropriate if you are overjoyed.

Winners and losers

Sometimes when I feel sad I listen to this song, and it really helps me to think about my problems and their solutions. Unfortunately, it makes me regret about the things I didn’t do and, obviously, I still feel worse! You cannot avoid wondering if you are going to be a winner or a loser, if you trusted in an angel and (s)he turned out to be a devil or vice versa. We usually put our hand on the fire for someone and, sadly, we end up shattered and disillusioned. Is it worthwhile? I think it is. Do you agree with me?

Click here if the video is no longer available.

Lyrics: Winners and Losers

Reach for the sky

There are times when everything works out so you cannot be happier than you are, however, we know that, maybe, in the near future it is going to end. Speaking personally I think we should follow the song and carpe diem!

Click here if the video is no longer available.

Lyrics: Reach for the sky

I hope you like it!


One thought on “Song Contest entries by Social Distortion

  1. Hi Cristina!
    The truth is that I don’t really know who Amy McDonald is, but I promised you I’m going to look for that song and others and we could speak our minds!
    If you liked those songs of Social Distortion, you should listen the rest of that album, which is called “Sex, Love And Rock’n’Roll”.There are other songs, for instance, “Faithless” , “Angel Wings” or “Footprints on my ceiling” that I think you’d enjoy it! Try it and tell me please!
    See you!

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