The second debate

<The American presidential elections are near and you may be interested in hearing the candidates in one of their debates. My friend Carmen López prepared this listening exercise about the second debate in her Bloggin’ Away .

6 thoughts on “The second debate

  1. Hi! I’ve been listening the proposal of both presindents for many times and, although, I’m able to understand almost every single word, I don’t know yet what are their concrete proposals. Maybe It’s because they are politicians and with them it’s always like that lots of words and nothing to say.
    Anyway I prefer Obama.

  2. I think posting videos like this one is a very good idea and from my point of view this is a very interesting topic.
    I think it’s important to watch videos which are not only related to humour or to some aspects of learning English, we also have to know about culture and, why not? politics in such an important country like the U.S. and an interesting and useful way of doing this is watching this videos in English.

  3. I think both candidates have the proposals from their republican and democratic parties althouh nowdays in a credit crisis almost bankrupcy the both candidates look like if they have the same recipe, maintaining the jobs, take more control to the banks, less tax for the companies, helping people with mortgages……..well, on the other hand it woul be imposible that anyone in Spain could vote for someone who looks like chiquito de la calzada.

  4. Good morning.
    On politics…
    I could write a whole book on politics. Maybe some day I will, but for now I’ll give you a rough draft on politics.
    The word politics comes from the Greek language.
    Its meaning is what to do to organize cities (“polis” in Greek).
    I think democracy is the better way of government, though I would like it would be structured in a similar (not wholy equal) way as it was in ancient Greece.
    However, there is a beautiful song by “Genesis” titled “Blood on the rooftops” which expreses how I feel about politics and news. If you want to listen to it try to get the original version, its music is delicious.
    On crisis…
    There’s an album by “Supertramp”, “Crisis? What crisis?”
    “Genesis” and “Supertramp” are very good bands in my opinion.
    I missed the way a bit.
    On crisis…
    There is a worldwide economic crisis nowadays, even I know that, and I don’t usually watch the news.
    There’s an interesting page in the Internet called “informe Ninja Leopoldo” (more or less), which explains how it all begun. Though I think the person who wrote it, did it in a biased exagerated way, you can read it to get a more accurate idea of what’s happening.
    If you don’t want to read, you can watch the film “¡Qué bello es vivir!” (Sorry, I don’t know the title in English). in that film there is an explanation to the economic problem, and it’s a good movie.

    Personally speaking I think that the governments will have to force banks to make their “paquetes de inversión” completely transparent, because if they don’t do, investors will not invest anymore and banks will not have liquidity. And governments have to do something to stimulate “consumism”(?) for the same reason.
    That’s all.
    See you.

  5. Politics means how to organize cities (”polis” in Greek) and the power used for it .
    Cristina I think you mean “Life is Beautiful”, the film where the father pretended to his son that the concentration camp life was just a game?
    Where does the economic problem come in?

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