A Brief History of America

Posted by Maria Valdes

A humorous, absolutely biased look at American history. Very politically incorrect too, I must say! But I laughed when I first saw it, thanks to my friend and colleague Silvia.

Did you understand it? Why not trying to write the transcript or a part of it?

Youcan download the video here, to make things easier for you.


2 thoughts on “A Brief History of America

  1. Hi all.
    Oh my God!
    I’ve spent half an hour to partly understand half a minute!!!!
    I’ll write what I understood:
    … of a brief History of the United States of America:
    -Hi dudes and girls! Ready to get starting?
    Once upon a time there were… people in Europe called… and they were all fairly being prosecuted. So they all got on a boat and sailed over sea to a world where they wouldn’t have to be scared ever again.
    … as soon as they arrived they were greeted by savages and they got scared all over again, so they killed them all.
    Was another race of people to calm them down?
    No, instead they started again…afraid of each other.
    All of them were witches.
    In 1775…
    And that’s all for now.
    I’ll go on later.
    Very funny!!!
    See you.

  2. The video is very funny, and real! I tried to write it but it´s too quickly!
    I ´ve also spent half an hour, these are my achivements:

    Now we are going to start with a brief history of the united states of America. Hi! boys and girls ready to get starting. Once upon a time there were people in Europe called……they´ve been afraid of being persecuted, So they organize a boat to send to the new world where they wouldn´t have to be scared forever again. “oh!I´m so relax, I´m so much safer”
    When they…………..there are a lot of…………they were scared all over again, so they killed all the map………………..Instead they started again being afraid to each other, witches, witches, …in 1775 they started killing the riches so they could be free again…

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