Abba on Screen

Posted by María

It doesn’t sound very cool to admit that you actually like ABBA. I grew up singing their songs and I had a brilliant time when I went to the cinema to see Mamma Mia. Most people my age had to stop themselves from singing along – in England, in the evening show, people even stood up and danced and clapped.
In this video, New York Times critic A. O. Scott talks about another film in which ABBA’s music played an essential role in the lives of the main characters.
For those of us who were kids in the 70’s, their OTT outfits and dreadful hairdos didn’t deter us from enjoying ABBA, especially their happy-happy songs, like Mamma Mia or Dancing Queen.

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3 thoughts on “Abba on Screen

  1. Good afternoon.
    Personally speaking I rather Sir Elton John’s songs, specially the ones included in his album “Goodbye yellow brick road”: “Candle in the wind”, “I’ve seen that movie too”, “Love lies bleeding”; which I used to listen to when I was a teenager, and of course “Your song” and “Blue eyes”. And many more.
    Anyway I must confess I have some songs by ABBA recorded in my old cassettes, but when I saw the video of “Chiquitita”…
    Oh my God! That was too much for me!
    I sweared I’d never listen to ABBA’s songs again if I could avoid it!
    Have you seen it, María?
    Ha, ha, ha, ha.
    Speaking about the listening, I usually find American accent difficult. I listened to it three times and now it doesn’t work, so I can’t go on listening to understand every word. However, I managed to understand the general idea.
    See you on Monday.

  2. Hello!!!
    I should admit that I am an ABBA fan since I was a child.
    I saw the film the first weekend, because it had been excelent critics aroud the world. I went with a friend who hates musical films, but she admited that it was fantastic and laughing during all the film.
    I recognice that I could sing all the sings, I knew the lyrics, It was surprising for me!!
    It has a good plot, caracters and the clothes were the most. Pierre Brosnan is very, very hundsome, jeje!!
    The end is extremely flabbergasted.
    I recomend it if you will past a enjoyed time.
    Sorry for my grammar, because some times I mixe the words and I don’t know what I am saying.

  3. Hi! I also went to see Mamma mia! It’s really funny and, enven though ABBA are not favourite group I was singing along all the film. Maybe it was so because there were the best known songs by ABBA and almost everyone has listened them at least once in hers/his life.

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