People talking during the concert

Jeff Tweedy is an American songwriter, musician, poet, and leader of the band Wilco. In this video he interrupts his performance and shows his frustration when people keep talking during a concert. He manages to keep cool about it (except for some f-words in the right places) and wonders why they bothered to come if they just want to talk…

This is a bit similar to what a teacher might feel when, after spending time and energy on preparation and planning, he/she is in front of a group of students who don’t really want to take part in the class, who don’t really want to learn (rather, make the effort to learn). I’ve been really lucky because I have managed not to feel like this except for very few occasions in my professional life.

And if you go to a concert [or if you go to an English class ;)] , remember what Jeff said: be part of it!


14 thoughts on “People talking during the concert

  1. Hi,
    First of all, i must say that his accent is very easy to understand. He speaks clearly!
    Honestly, people talking while you are doing something to them is a trouble because you don´t know how to act.I mean, you don´t know if you have to stop what you are doing and tell them to shut up or keep on doing it in spite of those people.
    In this case, for instance, people have to show some respect and listen to the singer, sing his songs… From my point of view, Jeff has all the reason to be angry.

  2. Good morning.
    I would like to know what really happened before Jeff got angry.
    Why and how many people were talking and what they were talking about, just to get a more accurate idea of what happened.
    I find it hard to believe that people who pay to go to a concert are not really enjoying and being a part of it.
    I love going to my favourite bands’ concerts. I ususally sing along with them, except when I go with someone else that suddenly asks me something like: What did he/she say? or: Have you got a cigarrete?
    However, I remember once in my life “Danza Invisible” came to Gijón to give a concert for free in October or November 1995…
    “Danza Invisible” is one of the very few exceptions in my musical taste (I don’t like many Spanish bands). They are my third favourite Spanish band (the other two are “Golpes Bajos” and “Radio Futura”).They were very good at their beginning.
    However, it was a hard time for me in those days, and I couldn’t enjoy the concert.
    I wouldn’t have enjoyed even a live performance of Pink Floyd then!!!!
    And Pink Floyd is my favourite band in the world.
    I understood almost everything Jeff said except for a few words.
    By the way, I don’t know Wilco’s songs.
    I’ll search in youtube.
    See you all later.

  3. Hi everyone!

    Generally speaking I think there is a problem from the beginning, I almost every year listen that Spanish people refuse to speak
    in public because we are afraid of seem ridiculous and I think this is true, unfortunately a really disadvantage for us.
    Sometimes, I want to speak and something inside my head say -NO, DONT BE RIDICuLOUS- strange, isn’t it?
    Another drawback is maybe the shyness, when the teacher ask a question, in general, to the whole class
    if I dont answer in the first second without thinking, problably I wont answer because I will start thinking about my answer,
    about pronunciation or something like that.

    What’s more, when the teacher doesn’t ask to a particular student, anyone want to answer but I think that’s not because
    we are not interesting in classes, is because the time goes by and no one is speaking and the silence is really uncomfortable
    (like a snowball which became bigger and bigger, I don’t know if I explain it clearly).
    In addition sometimes when i have a great day and I can answer everything I feel a bit insecure because I want to anwser
    but also I want the rest of the class participate.

    For example, I had a teacher las year that every day ask at the beginning of the class some questions about our weekends or about
    something that we considered interesting (books we’ve read, films, recomendations…) and during the classes,
    she ask to particular student and if that student didnt know the answer someone spontaneous can help him/her to answer,
    and I think this was useful, because I could hear everyone in my class at least twice in a week.

    To conclude I want to say that I prefer a conversation between the people of my table than speak each one 30 seconds, because the 30 seconds
    are like an individual test and could be hard if you forget vocabulary because you get nervous or something like that and in the case of
    conversation you can ask for help to the others changing the role of speaker whenever you want.

    SOME QUESTIONS FOR MY CLASSMATES. What do you think of this? agree/disagree? Any advice?


  4. Good afternoon.
    I don’t have any problem to speak in public, I mean I usually don’t do. What is more, I must stop myself from speaking because if it was for me, I would be answering all the questions all the time, and I think the rest of the people involved wouldn’t like it. So I finally decided not to answer in the first place, not less I see no one knows the answer.
    So I’d rather my teachers to ask each one of us directly, just to avoid the problem, Desirée.
    See you.

  5. Very interesting comments. Showing this video was a way of expressing my frustration at some students’ attitude in class, but I think that we, teachers, have to listen better as well. But Desirée raised some interesting questions:
    – What is better in your opinion in order to feel more self-confident in class: talking to people around you in groups or facing the challenge of speaking for the whole class every so often?
    – Do you feel it is a kind of test whenever you speak to the teacher (and the rest of the class)?

  6. As I see it, it´s more comfortable to speak in groups. I find stressful to speak aloud.

    If you are good in English is easy to anwser quickly a question, but in my case, I need time to form an opinion before anwsering. In the time that I am thinking what I´m going to say, other person has still anwsered the question, so I have a sense that I have to fight with my classmates to speak aloud. Therefore I never say anything!

    In groups, it´s different, because the conversation is slower, I feel more relax and words come easily. I supossed that I´m going to have problems in the final exam. Nervous can betray you, so I hope can improve my fluenty during the year.

  7. Good afternoon.
    Indeed I think both speaking for the class and speaking in small groups are good techniques to improve our English.
    And no, I don’t feel I’m being tested everytime I speak to a teacher.
    By the way, I got used to sing in public with my guitar since I was seven years old, and I’ve always participated in classes, so I think it’s got something to do with not being so nervous as others may be while they speak in public.
    Though sometimes I get very nervous too.
    I suppose it depends on my mood at the moment.
    See you.

  8. well I´ve been listening the poet and the first impression is that it would be very strange, maybe very hard that any artist express to the audience in that way. I guess the artist could manage this situation in other way but not with an speech that bothered a lot to me. Obviously evryone who buy a ticket is thinking to enjoy the performance but …the concert maybe can be a disaster and then………On the other hand it would be more polite to go out.

  9. Oh, boy, I hate when I write a text and there´s an error so I have to write all of it again. It´s VERY annoying 😦

    I was saying that it would feel very cross if the public just ignored me, but in the end they´re the ones who get the worst part, because they´re dropping their money and the singer stills get the same amount of money :$

  10. I’ve liked very much he video, perhaps it’s a bit surprising that the singer stopped the concert, however I think he did well because some people have to learn how to respect others.

    About the attitude of people in classes, I think that sometimes we don’t answer what the teacher asks because we are thinking so many things at that moment, for instance: ” I want to say one thing but, if it is a stupid thing?, if I don’t say it correctly?, if I forgot a word and I get stuck?…

    I think it is not very easy take part in a class.

  11. And people were quiet for half a minute? That wouldn’t happened in Spain 😀

    Spanish we love talking in the most uncorrect moments…

  12. Hello everybody!!
    In relation with Maria’s question, I am a person a bit introvert and don’t like very much to speak in public, specialy when I am not sure about me.
    I think that my english level is fewer that the rest of the class, and when teachers asked me I have panic and nervous, I know the answer but I think they is likely to laugh of me.
    Moreover, when I speak in groups I have confident with my parnerts, they will try to correct me in a good way.
    Acording to the video, I undertand very well Jeff. In my job I have to do in contact with the public, and sometimes is impossible to help them because the others workers are laughing, speaking and they don’t respect you.
    People are very roud nowadays, with themself and the rest.They never think that their opinions, actitudes…could disturb the rest.
    It is very common to see people in a concert shatering, speaking about anything or you go to the cinema and the person next to you is sending a message or talking by the mobil.
    To conclude, for me, this person don’t have education, or no?

  13. It makes me remember classes!!! I mean, when a teacher tell us to pay attention…

    I think he has the reason because why are you paying for a concert if you are not going to listen to the songs? I can’t undestand that.

    See you.

  14. Silence is a delightful sound that unfortunately we are not used to hear. As a teenager, I have to admit that we love music, better if it’s the most loud that we can. Most of all don’t have the habit of silence and it’s something that we have to improve.

    For instance, if you’re in the cinema, and the person who sits next you is making the unpleasant sound of chewing popcorn while is speaking with another guy; you have to count until ten to relax yourself and avoid say something impolite.
    I know that when you’re talking when you cannot, maybe, you don’t realise that it’s very annoying for other people. It’s something that all of us have to think about, cos specially abroad don’t consider our country as a silence one.

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