Isabel Allende: Tales of passion

In this video, Isabel Allende talks about women and passion. She is a very talented and inspiring woman,  and even if you don’t particularly like her books I’m sure you will enjoy listening to her. She has been living in the US for quite a few years now, and although her Spanish accent is still noticeable, her English is brilliant.

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11 thoughts on “Isabel Allende: Tales of passion

  1. Good morning.
    I’ve been watching Isabel Allende’s video, it’s a good way to start the day(though half of me is still sleeping, I need much more coffee!!!!).
    I don’t agree with her, well I mean not totally, because I have known wonderful men and nasty women in my life, so I think it is not a problem of which gender has the power (I had many rows in the past because of this idea).
    I think in terms of each person.
    What is absolutely necessary is equality, liberty, respect for human rights.
    In fact, women have the power of bringing up their children (and so have men). That’s a mighty power.
    And I really think peace can’t be reached with pasionate hearts, because sometimes hearts feel the pasion of hate, rage, and wish of revenge.
    I think it is better to have a clear thought, without emotions. Though I think indeed she was talking about courage, but in a poetic way related to the Olimpic Games motto.
    Of course we need courage to fight for our rights, ideals and dreams.
    And now I’ll have another coffee to see if I go and wake up!!!!!
    Ha, ha, ha, ha.
    See you.

  2. I think feminism is still important in the world and it’ll be till feminism, as the power it is, would turn equality between men and women in a real thing.

    And I don’t believe society just needs passion and women in important jobs, I think society needs more like freedom, good intentions, forgiveness…

  3. Hello!
    I think it has been one of the best talks I’ve ever listened to. It is really interesting and it is very funny when she details the differences between Sophia Loren and her, it makes me laugh.
    Also, it is easy to understand and she explains everything perfectly, it’s obvious she is a writter. She does it great!
    Isabel Allende is very famous in all over the world for her work so, may be, one day, I’ll try to read one of her books.
    See you.

  4. Hmmm…I think I don´t like this woman. The way she tries to be “funny” is irritating and what she talks about in this video it´s a bit exagerated, it´s all about extreme feminism if you ask me… I mean, it´s true that women´s situation is not fair compared to men´s but she is making a whole drama of it : – /

    As Cristina says I think that we don´t have to worry about machism or feminism, we have to worry about equality instead 😉

  5. I’ve liked very much this video, I think that Isabel Allende’s speech was wonderful, she knows how to say what she wants in a very amusing way and linking different tales and situations perfectly.

    However, I don’t agree with her, I don’t think that feminism is the better way to turn better our society, I think that our world would be better with a blanced society, which respected everyone individualities. I think it is not a problem of gender.

  6. In my opinion, extreme points of view are not good so you can imagine that I’m not in favour of extreme feminism. However, this speech was fantastic!!!!!!

    You may think that Isabel Allende has been a bit exaggerated mixing women with passion and emphasizing women’s power but you have to take into account that Isabel suffered a lot during her childhood. Remember that she’s from Chile and she suffered a terrible repression caused by Pinochet. She saw how thousands of women where forced to leave their families and how many of them were raped and sent to prison.
    Imagine you are a woman and you live in a situation like that. Wouldn’t you think in a similar way?

  7. Hi everybody!
    Well, first of all I have to say that I find this video absolutely great not only for the way Isabel speaks because It´s quiet easy as I see it but her wisdom. She is so passioned that every word she sais comes up to your soul. I´ve read most of her books and I never get tired of reading them again and again.Moreover when I read any of her books you learn something new in every page.
    Well let´s talk about what she sais in the video.Isabel talks about some passioned and admirable women like Sophia Loren or Rose Mapendo. Rose is the protagonist of a tale of passion: “She was in prison in Kongo.In this death camp people that wasn´t killed,died of disease.Rose is a young pregnant woman with another seven children that finally were rescued by a young american man”
    To conclude I recomend all of you to read at least one of Isabel´s books.They are absolutely fantastic!

  8. Brilliant Isabel Allende, she knows how to catch my atention for almost 17 minutes!!!

    As the others, i’m not agree with Allende’s speech about men and women, a bit exagerated in my opinion, as i see it, a person is form (¿?) of his/her personal ideas, his/her knowledge, habits…not a penis or a vulva, this doesn’t matter at the end.
    As Irene said “I think that our world would be better with a balanced society, which respected everyone individualities.”

    What’s more, at the beginning (at the second minute more or less) when she is talking about the opening olympic ceremony she sais: IT’S NOT LAUGHING MATTER… and that shows me that doing Idioms homework (wordspot page 21) is really useful!!

    To conclude, I can’t help feeling shattered when she talks about women and girls who are raped or forced on prostitution. In addition, the worst thing i can’ imaging, men with AIDs who thougth that having sex with little girls they will get cure…i feel really sad for all those pure girls.
    It’s not a problem of feminist or not, it’s a problem of ignorance 😦

  9. Hi!!

    Wow! It was one of the most beautiful speech I´ve ever seen and, the mos important, I´ve ever heard. Isabel had tought us how important is to defend women`s rights worldwide, and how we can get almost everything with passion and a brave hearth.

    I will recomend this video to all my friends. It was incredible!

    Lots of love.


  10. Good evening.
    I think there is at a mistake in what Yuri understood about what I said.
    Yuri, dear…
    Of course we must be concerned about sexism and in favor of feminism. There is a word to define a concept, I think many people do not know.
    That word is “emprismo” in Spanish.
    Well, I swear I read it somewhere but it doesn’t appear in my RAE dictionary, nor in my bilingual dictionary.
    Anyway, I’ll explain the concept:
    Let’s say “emprism” is exactly the opposite to male chauvinism, that is to say “emprism” says women are better than men instead of claming the opposite idea.
    What I said is that the problem is a problem of which person, not which gender has the power, because there are wonderful men and nasty women, so gender doesn’t mean to be good or bad or better or worse.
    And I do think that feminism is neccesary to achieve equality. That is what feminism claims for: equality.
    To change the topic a bit, I read some books by Isabel Allende and I like them.
    I also liked the speech, I think it’s brilliant and funny.
    However, I still think passion can be an obstacle for peace. Because there are many people, many hearts and many emotions, and not all of them are good.
    Finally, we need courage to fight (in a non-violent thoughtfully way) for our rights.
    And now I expect to have made myself clear to Yuri and all of you.
    Kisses, love and peace for all.
    See you.

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