This is the new version of Reviews, debates and resources

If you are one of my new students at EOI Oviedo, welcome to our virtual classroom. I hope that you will get involved in all the activities we will have as part of the course and enjoy them.

This is the new version of the blog I first created with my studens in EOI Oviedo, in 2007. The old Reviews, debates and resources still exists, and contains all the wonderful debates and contributions of my students of these last school years, but after all the problems with connection that we have been experiencing lately it was time to move on.

My aim when publishing the first blog was to create a space where readers could become writers, and take part in debates about different issues, discuss about music, books and films. But it was also a tool to get in touch with my students, where they could communicate with each other and a find some tips and resources to improve their level of English. All these ideas are still true in this new version of Reviews, debates and rescources!

Feel free to send comments, suggestions of topics, improvements on contents, or anything you can think of!

If you are not familiar with blogs, in this video you have an explanation of the benefits of using one:

Have a good time learning English!

María Valdés


4 thoughts on “This is the new version of Reviews, debates and resources

  1. Hello Maria,

    I don’t have experience in webpages because I’m not good at Computers, but I have decided this course will be different, so I’ll try everything, even this.

    I hope you transmit me a bit of your energy.

    see you tomorrow.
    Bye bye

  2. hey maria!
    I´m just having a look all around the blog!
    It´s really nice and I hope it’ll be even better!
    thanks for caring about all this!

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